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So there was this pandemic right..

Sure, there was loads of bad stuff but, on the plus side, Lee Kyle couldn't do his job (Jokes and that) for the best part of two years.

And yeah, he missed the money but he also got very used to lying on his arse on the settee.

He did have loads of ideas for new bits though and also has loads of old bits he can still remember and he's going to do them to make you laugh and then he's going to liedown again.


Lee is a stand up comedian, story teller and ad libber from South Tyneside, expect him to be both stupid and thoughtful in equal measures as he flips between “Sophisticated comedy” (Wee Review) and being “Sublimely Ridiculous” (Northern Echo).


Whip Smart Jokes" - One4review

“Very funny” - Manchester Evening News

"A brilliant performance.. Pure genius!" - NARC Magazine

"Subtle genius"- NE1 Magazine

"Genius... Kyle is one to go back for" - Leicester Mercury

***** - Northeast Theatre Guide

***** - Edfringe Comedy

***** Popculture-y (Aus)

***** - Mumble

***** - Vegas7 (USA)

***** - Funny Tonne (Aus)

**** - The Wee Review

**** - One4review

Free show_ Click here!.png

Click on the image to download an hour of free stand up from various shows of mine absolutely free.

Simply add the code 'freeshow' when prompted for 100% off the price then simply download or stream the show.

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