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Click on the image to download 4 of my shows PLUS my book for only £5!

Lee Kyle: Sufficient Oodles 


Contains 3 full length stand up shows plus a shorter bonus show as well as a copy of my book:

The Ultimate Worrier (Filmed at The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle in 2015)
Burning this Place to the Ground (True Coffee House, Newcastle in 2017)
Folly (Filmed at the Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh in 2018)
A Show About Flags (Filmed at The Old English Gentleman, Darlington in 2018)

Spandex Ballet - How I wasted my twenties wrestling, my book about my time as a professional wrestler, it was a top 10 book on Amazon UK comedy biographies.

Also, sample episodes of my 2 podcasts 'Which is the Best' and '2 Becomes 1' to try if you never have.

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