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Back To The Nineties


There is nothing the comedian Si Buglass loves more the the early to mid nineties.  Not even his kids, not even gambling.

Now, I remember the early nineties quite well, so, we thought, what if we combined his love of the period with my remembering of it?  Well, it seemed massively likely that if we combined those two impressive skill sets the result would be something that involved talking about the ninetes in some way.


So, we have started doing a series of Youtube videos about the music of the time.  Si picks the songs, they are songs he considers classics.  Often, he is wrong about what classic constitutes.


There is loads of swearing in it.



I love TV theme tunes, who doesn't? Stalin that's who. Stalin hated TV theme tunes, you'd get 19 years in a gulag if you even considered knowing what one was.


There is a huge elephant in the room though.

Don't worry, I've got removed it, now I'm back.


Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I hate it when theme tunes don't have lyrics, so I've taken some famous ones and given them lyrics, sung by me, a man who can't sing.


Some of them are pretty funny unless you don't like them, in which case they aren't.

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