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Because not everything will work onstage.

"Doesn't Tom out of The Wanted look fit?" Someone probably said in about 2008, if there is a Tom in The Wanted. I bet there is, there seems like there would be. What a freaky oddball this lass is (It is a lass because it is my blog so I decide), fancying a human, humans are disgusting.

(This does not include my wife by the way, she looks proper nice.)

Like, I know we fancy humans because of a biological imperitive or something but we are grotty little creatures. This imaginary Tom, for example, only seems to look nice because he's just had a shower, he only needed a shower to wipe the stink from his various holes off himself. The dirty sod. Because, really, humans are just a collection of holes that stuff oozes out of. Sweat and drool and snot and blood and shit and vomit and sperm and piss and lady ejaculate if it exists and sleep (Which I've just found out is called Rheum) and spit and wax and babies.

Yes, even Tom. I don't know why I typed any of this. I promise I'm well... I've just checked. There is a Tom in The Wanted. Shame on him.

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